The innovative solution for breastfeeding mothers seeking a safer, more natural alternative to traditional nursing pads.

MoogCo Silver Nursing Cups are available in two distinct sizes: Regular and Extra Large. While the Nursing cups with silicone pads boast a distinct design, their dimensions correspond with the Extra Large size. Specifically engineered for universal comfort, the Extra Large variant is designed to accommodate a wide range of users.

Throughout the stages of pregnancy, changes in breast and areola sizes are expected. Yet, the benefits of our nursing cups remain consistent. Whether you're considering cups that seem a tad small initially or another size altogether, rest assured they will fulfill their intended purpose. The main distinction lies in the comfort level. For those uncertain about which size to choose, our recommendation leans towards the Extra Large.

Guidelines for Size Selection:

Regular: Tailored for individuals with a bra size of up to a C cup and an areola dimension LESS THAN 4.5 cm (1.77 inches).

Extra Large: Designed for those with a bra size beyond a C cup or an areola dimension EQUAL TO OR GREATER THAN 4.5 cm (1.77 inches).

If your specific measurements don't neatly fit into these categories, the Extra Large size is our go-to suggestion for supreme comfort. For instance, if your bra size is smaller than a C cup but your areolas measure 4.5 cm or above, the XL is your optimal choice. On the other hand, if your bra size exceeds a C cup but your areolas are less than 4.5 cm, the XL remains the best fit.

For gift purchases where size might be a concern, the Extra Large is particularly versatile, ensuring a fit for a diverse range of recipients. Should you have any inquiries or require further clarification on sizing, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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